I picked up a new (to me) Glock 19 Gen 3 at my local gun shop this week. I went to check it out at lunch and noticed some strange markings on the frame, slide and barrel. In addition to the markings, the gun had zero wear and looked as if the round count was extremely low.

After getting back to work I began my research on Google. The marking consisted of two symbols: an Eagle with the number 2 inside of it and NPv to the right.

Research concluded that Glocks with these markings are made and assembled in Austria. The 2 inside of the eagle signifies that it was made in Vienna. If there is a 1 in the eagle, it is made in Ferlach. The “NPv” mark means Nitro Powder proofed – meaning it was fired and proofed with 130% loads.

Besides these markings, there will also be 3 letters on some of the barrels. These 3 letters represent the month and year in which the gun was test fired, not produced. The first letter represents the month and the next 2 are the year.


E – Jan
L – Feb
N – Mar
B – Apr
S – May
Z – Jun
G – Jul
P – Aug
I – Sep
C – Oct
V – Nov
A – Dec


O – 0
W – 1
K – 2
R – 3
F – 4
M – 5
H – 6
Y – 7
T – 8
D – 9

Example: LOT = Feb 08

Supposedly these Glocks were never intended to be on the U.S. market, but arrived here due to a shortage after Obama was inaugurated back in 2009.

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