The below PS script will count events for the current date that contain text in the specified log. Replace {{LogName}} with name of log and {{Error}} with message text.


The below code demonstrates how to create a base WPF GUI in PowerShell. Comments are in the code.


For some god-awful reason my Juniper Terminal Services Client likes to disappear from my taskbar on Windows 10. This results in having to use the Task Manager or a program like Process Explorer to “bring to front”. It only disappears…

Don’t have Visual Studio? Don’t worry. You can compile C# in a command prompt as long as you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. The program used to compile C# is csc.exe and is located at C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.* on my installation (your location…

Download the package (64 bit in my case).

Install the package and dependencies.

In the event that a dependency did not install, you can force it via: