Juniper Sucks

For some god-awful reason my Juniper Terminal Services Client likes to disappear from my taskbar on Windows 10. This results in having to use the Task Manager or a program like Process Explorer to "bring to front". It only disappears when minimizing from a full screen, not windowed #weird. Anyways, this script can be executed [...]

Using PHP to Interact with the LimeSurvey RemoteControl API

The LimeSurvey RemoteControl API is a XML/JSON-RPC based web service available in LimeSurvey 2.0 that offers various API functions. The API allows for developers to control specific functionality of LimeSurvey from another application, without having to use the PHP language. However, I will be using PHP and JSON-RPC for my examples in this post. Note: [...]

Compile C# Without Visual Studio

Don't have Visual Studio? Don't worry. You can compile C# in a command prompt as long as you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. The program used to compile C# is csc.exe and is located at C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.* on my installation (your location may vary slightly). Add the path to csc.exe your PATH environment variable. Open a command [...]

Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04

Download the package (64 bit in my case).

Install the package and dependencies.

In the event that a dependency did not install, you can force it via:


I have made Str, my PHP string library, available for install via Composer on Packagist! You can check out the source code on GitHub. Str provides convenient, object-oriented operations for string handling and manipulation. Str will yield code that is more readable in projects that rely heavily on string processing. The syntax is very similar and was inspired by Java's [...]

“Hello, World!”

Welcome to my new blog! The purpose of this site is to document my hobbies and interests. Throughout the years, this domain has gone through many different revisions mainly because I'm never satisfied with the appearance. I am starting over with a clean slate and am going to focus on what really matters - the content.