Pursuing AWS Certification

I have decided to pursue my first AWS Certification - Certified Cloud Practitioner. I am using the site A Cloud Guru at the recommendation of a friend and taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2019 course. The monthly subscription is relatively inexpensive at $29.99 USD/month and the content/quality of the courses are excellent. There are [...]

Moving On

As I get ready to move onto a new chapter of my life, I want to take a moment, reflect, and thank some people who have been very influential to me along the way. My mom and dad - For teaching me the value of hard work and determination. I have received a lot of [...]

AutoSys JIL command line utility

I have written a JIL utility in Python to help with some pain points I've experienced working with JIL. These issues have been around comparing *.jil exports from different environments. The main functionality available in 0.1 is: Export to CSV - makes jobs easier to read for non-technical peopleFormat JIL - aids in comparison of jobs in [...]

Developer Interview Questions

I've kept an ongoing list of questions that were asked to me during interviews. Hopefully these will help someone out! What is the difference between a for and while loop?Explain the difference between a class and an object.What is inheritance and why is it important to you?Explain left, inner and cross joins.What are 1st, 2nd [...]

Near 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10

For a few months I had been chasing down an issue with 100% disk usage on my Dell laptop. Absolutely driving me nuts. After some extensive Googling, I ran across a post on the Dell community site that solved my issue! Problem: "Dell Cleanup" was set from from factory to start/run every time the OS [...]

SQL Server – foreach

sp_MSforeachtable can be very useful within SQL server. To list empty tables:

To list tables having 1 or more rows:

Count Occurrences of Message in Event Log

The below PS script will count events for the current date that contain text in the specified log. Replace {{LogName}} with name of log and {{Error}} with message text.


PowerShell and WPF GUI

The below code demonstrates how to create a base WPF GUI in PowerShell. Comments are in the code.